ASFOR is a producer of moulds for women's, men's and children's shoe soles. We also produce moulds for military and work boots and security uniform shoes.

ASFOR Poznański has developed a technology of mold designing and manufacturing, and preparing tools and materials. The offered products constitute a wide variety of goods. Trying to meet the expectations of our Customers in the best possible way, we put a great emphasis on fulfilling the orders on time, the highest standard of products, and the uniqueness in the design. Our products have plenty of recipients, and the number of recipients is constantly growing. Customer’s individual needs are our priority.

Our product line includes:

  • projects and models of footwear soles;
  • molds for footwear soles of polyurethane (PU);
  • same-, bi-, and multi-color molds of thermoplastic rubber (TR) and polyvinyl chloride (PCV);
  • molds for rubber soles;
  • molds for ready-made footwear;
  • two-component molds TPU/PU;
  • molds for soles made of new generation plastic materials such as microcellular copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA).
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